Wednesday, February 21, 2007

T-1802 hours till Shutdown

Can you survive one day without using your computer? Either way, visit ShutdownDay and if you're brave, you'll click "Yes, I can." That's for yes, I can go one day without my computer. There are currently a lot more people signed up for it than I though, but they could still change their minds...
If you're really interested in this, there's even an OS X widget to go along. Tell all you're friends and see if they can resist the urge to check e-mail constantly.

Gates v Jobs!

In this YouTube find, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs face off in the "iWorld" of Apple commercials. While this is a funny video, it makes me wonder what will happen at the yearly D: All Things Digital convention, which both Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer will be attending. Will they be...agreeing...with each other or will a lightsaber fight ensue(watch the movie)?

Hopefully we'll also get some more, much-needed info on the iPhone and Leopard, including specific shipping dates. All in all, it should be a fun event and will probably cause countless new discussions all over the web.

Funny quotes from the clip:

"Macs get you laid!"
"Death to conventional thinking!"
"You can't hide from progress Bill!"
"Prepare to meet your programmer!"

Update: Apparently Cisco CEO John Chambers will also be attending. This is really going to be an interesting convention! I want to see the look on Chambers' face when Steve keeps saying iPhone again and again just to piss him off. On the other hand, it will be weird if Chambers talks about Cisco's iPhone too. Who knows, maybe this is when we'll find out if the iPhone will called that or not...

By the way, this conference is happening on May 30th, as I forgot to mention.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Why is Windows Vista so good?

Let's ask Bill Gates, he should be an expert on the topic:

Hey-uhh-Bill, umm.. I can't understand-uhh-what you're-uhh..-saying...You what? You-uhh..-don't think-uhh...-that,umm...-Vista is a -well-worthy upgrade? Uhh... I really - uhh.. can't understand you- know?