Sunday, May 6, 2007

Who wouldn't want to be rewarded with an iPod?

Apple's Corporate Gifting and Rewards Program allows companies to reward their best workers with goodies like MacBooks, iPods, and iTunes gift Cards. Apple is giving special pricing on orders of 50 items or more, as an incentive to buy more. The deals are made individually per client by calling or e-mailing Apple to set up a deal. Companies have the option of engraving their own logo on the back of the iPod, and preloading audio tracks with such things as training talks, product overviews, and speeches. It's a smart move by Apple, and a smart move by the company that orders the deal. You can imagine how well synchronized a company would be if it's members are listening to the same training track, or product information track, before talking to the customers. Plus, of course, it has the benefit of employee loyalty and increased efficiency, because they'll want more rewards.
If you're interested, check out Apple's site on corporate gifting by clicking here:

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