Sunday, May 6, 2007

Good old advertising...

It seems to me that wherever I go nowadays I hear something about advertising. First, Google plunks down $3.1 billion (twice as much as they did for YouTube) to buy DoubleClick, that annoying little company that provides 80% of all the banner ads you see on the internet and that tracks your browsing habits with a nifty little cookie. Then Microsoft, of all companies, complains about the monopolistic advantages this would give Google:
"This proposed acquisition raises serious competition and privacy concerns in that it gives the Google DoubleClick combination unprecedented control in the delivery of online advertising, and access to a huge amount of consumer information by tracking what customers do online."

Since when does Microsoft complain about lack of competition? As far as I know, Microsoft's still facing multiple lawsuits over monopolistic practices in the EU. Next Yahoo's just announced its purchase of Right Media (another online ad company) in retaliation to Google. But wait, this saga's not over yet! Microsoft has apparently decided to be a hypocrite all the way, and is currently in talks to buy Yahoo! !! Because that wouldn't be monopolistic at all, right Bill?

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