Friday, April 27, 2007

This is what I want the next iMac to look like

Like we've said before, the next iMac is supposed to tout new multi-touch functionality. But what if it could get a really major hardware overhaul, with a really futuristic design? What do you think it should look like? While looking for some cool PC pictures I found a story by TechRepublic, which has pictures of the six winning computers of the PC Design Contest 2007. The one I really found appealing however was the "Any Top" PC which won the design for elimination connection wires. It has a very thin display that looks made of glass, which fits very well with Vista's Aero theme and transparent windows that are running on it. Another nice feature is its specialized touchscreen wireless keyboard that can turn into a display monitor when not plugged in.

Now by no means am I saying that Apple isn't working hard right now coming up with the next revolutionary design, but I think Apple should learn from this contest and make sure that PC will never look better than Macs in the future.

P.S. Lots of the winning designers seem to have taken a leaf out of Apple's book too, because most of the winning PC's are pure white.

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