Friday, April 20, 2007

Test Post on Office 2007

I just installed Microsoft Office 2007 on my PC and I found that Word has a blogging feature, so I'm testing it right now in this post.

So far it seems to work pretty well, except that to be able to post pictures I have to have my own upload server, whereas when I blog right on the Blogger site I can just upload using that. That means that if I want to include pictures in my posts I'll have to go back and edit them online. However this still seems like a pretty neat idea because this way when I open saved unfinished posts in word I can go directly to publishing it online without opening a web browser. The only thing that worries me is the message that Office gave me after I entered my username and password. It was something like this: "When Office publishes to your blog online your information can be seen by others, including your username and password. Do you want to continue?" Of course I accepted, but I'm wondering if all non-browser blog software has this setback or if this is going to be a deal breaker for other blogging sites. On the other hand there's a "Manage Accounts" button which could be useful for publishing on multiple blogs or having different writers for the same blog, like we do. So now I'll hit the "Publish" button and see what happens! Also, look for a more extended review of Office 2007 during the next few weeks, as I'll be posting my thoughts about this exciting update by Microsoft.

Update: Publishing obviously worked successfully, but two things that I've noticed are that Office 2007 cannot republish a post (i.e. for an update or edit) and that there is no way to enter tags right into Word (or at least tags compatible with Blogger's tagging procedure. I had to actually go to the Blogger web site to tag this post,do this update, and upload the picture.

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