Wednesday, April 4, 2007

New prices for Apple Cinema Displays

Although most people may think that the new Mac Pro is the only major announcement by Apple today, Apple has also surreptitiously lowered all prices for their Cinema Displays. So if you bought one of those Mac Pros and you need a shiny new "widescreen wonder" to go along with it, you'll be happy to know that the 20-inch display's price has been dropped to $599, the 23" to $899, and the 30" to $1799. That's a $200, $400, and $200 price drops, respectively. For some reason Apple has decided to drop the 23" display's price twice as much as the others, so you should probably buy that one...

But wait, there's more! Apple is still offering Educational Discounts on the displays so if you qualify for such a discount your display prices would be $549, $799, and $1599, respectively. So, you can get a whopping 30-inch Apple Cinema Display for $1599, less than the regular price of a 23" display. By the way, I would only be spurring Apple's sales if I told you from experience that Apple doesn't really check if you qualify for educational discounts, right (probably to keep the buying process simple for us)?

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