Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Lie Starts Now

Microsoft is being sued for misleading buyers into thinking that all PC's with Vista-capable stickers are capable of running Vista highest technologies, like Windows Aero and Flip3D. Instead, it seems that Vista-ready stickers merely signify the ability to run Windows Home Basic, which does not support those features.

While that may true though, I think there's a more evident lawsuit that could be initiated, for making people think that you can run Windows Vista on an iBook. As you can see from the snapshot above, some of Microsoft's new ads display not even a Vista capable MacBook, but an old, discontinued iBook (you can distinguish between the two by looking at the ports on the side). Honestly, doesn't Microsoft's marketing department have enough PC laptop lying around for ads? Tough luck now to anyone that tries to argue that Macs aren't at least better looking than PC's.

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