Monday, April 2, 2007

LG Prada Interface Revealed

Engadget uploaded avideo walkthrough of the LG Prada phone's full interface, which if you recall was the subject of many a heated discussions for its similarity to the iPhone. After watching this video I have decided to write my impressions on the Prada in comparison to the iPhone:

1- The start time seems very long, unlike what Engadget said about it. If the iPhone is truly based on OS X then it should be able to boot up much faster than the Prada.

2- No Qwerty keypad but yes e-mail and messaging. I think the iPhone wins hands down: even if the pop-up keypad's keys are a bit small this will still be way faster than the Prada.

3- Why only two colors at a time? Black and white, blue and light blue. I looked at some iPhone pictures after watching this video and it is much more pleasing to look at.

3.5- Lack of pictures and extra visuals. Sure the tabs kid of animate, but the icons are tiny, look the same, and lack color.

4- Hard to scroll. From what I saw it can be pretty challenging to get the finger to activate the scroll bar without pushing another button.

5- No WiFi access or comparable web browser to the iPhone.

6- Not from the video, but I hear the Prada costs around $799.

7- The camera application looks very nice in wide screen.

8- The blue theme actually makes the Prada look a lot better and more usable, somehow giving the icons more colors (more than blue) than the black and white theme.

9- Nice clean calendar application, like Engadget said, easy to read.

The Prada does not seem to offer any better essential features than the iPhone, has 3 hours of talk time versus 5 on the iPhone, and will ship for around $800, more than the iPhone even when configured for 8Gb of memory.

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