Monday, March 26, 2007

The Three Birds

You may already have heard of Mozilla if you use its most famous application Firefox, the open-source web-browser. However, I somewhat recently discovered three other applications that Mozilla offers. These are Thunderbird, a desktop class mail program, Sunbird, a calendar program, and Songbird, a great digital jukebox and web browser all in one. While I don't know what Mozilla's obsession is with birds, I do know that all three of these are really great programs, and free too. What I especially like about Songbird is the ability to subscribe to online MP3 blogs and download full length music titles from there. Of course, it doesn't have the great iTunes Store functionality that iTunes does, but there is a crafty extension that supports the iPod for regular, non-iTunes Store use.

All three applications are available for Mac and Windows, which means that if you use both operating systems interchangeably you should consider using Mozilla's products instead of your default Mail, iCal, and iTunes with both your Mac and PC for easy synchronization and compatibility (or consistency, since all of these are pretty much based on compatible standards).

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