Monday, March 26, 2007

So what's top secret?

If you recall, at WWDC 2006 Steve Jobs not only previewed a couple of Leopard's new features but also mentioned some future top secret features. His reasons for not sharing the knowledge was that Apple did not want Microsoft to do any late-time copying before releasing Vista.

However, it is now nearing the end of March, Vista has been out for almost 2 months and is not an excuse any more. After all, these top secret features are hopefully deep enough so that they can't be implemented in a mere Windows Service Pack. So the question is: Are there top secret features? Maybe Apple hadn't decided what new features to include in Leopard. Could Steve Jobs have been lying, blaming his lack of details on Leopard on Microsoft because he knew how credible it would be? Like others have said, the even the recent developer build of Leopard issued by Apple do not hint at any breakthrough features, only airport updates and some new screen savers.

Then again this is Apple, and Steve Jobs may be building up a big surprise for us for the next few months, just like when he announced that the iPhone would be called iPhone, not iCommunicator or some other name, like others had us believe.

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