Sunday, February 11, 2007

Time to buy stocks

According to me, the next two days will be a great time to buy some Apple stock. AAPL has been down for a couple of days, which means that it's cheaper to buy for you. However, I suspect it will rise on Wednesday, if Apple adds the Beatles to iTunes, etc... Overall, I think that the rest of this year is going have great opportunities for the stock to rise. Before the end of spring, we will see Leopard of course, and probably iLife '07 along with it. There will likely be some Mac updates soon, since we haven't had any this year, and possibly a new iSight and/or iSighted Cinema Displays.

Of course, the iPhone will boost stock prices in June, and so will WWD2007. After that, we may see more Mac and iPod upgrades. If we're lucky, we'll even get a new wide/touchscreen iPod! Then around Thanksgiving the rumors will start flying again, and stock prices will reflect (remember last year when AAPL hit an all time high because of iPhone rumors?)

Last, we're back to MacWorld 2008, when the stock prices always surge.
But remember, buy your stocks before Valentine's Day or you may have to pay more later.

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