Friday, January 19, 2007


Ok so the iPhone came out a couple days ago. Here's what I think about it:
As far as the technology goes, I think it's obviously very advanced and, well, how should I put this...COOL. I think that the speed at which it goes from app to app is one of it's best attributes. The touchscreen is really nice in itself too, but I wonder how long it'll last as far as scratches, or regular wear and tear. Using OS X is really nice, as well as the ability to run Safari.
Before the iPhone came out, I thought the touchscreen part was going to be a click wheel incorporated in the screen, that would appear as you moved your finger close to it, but the multi touch tech in the real iPhone is probably even better. After all, Apple is a company that got its legacy by coming through with new breakthroughs and technologies and always keeping the industry moving. So in that sense I guess it's logical that they moved on from the click wheel. Innovation was always their trademark.

In regards to the price of the iPhone, I think that it is currently an obstacle for Apple. I don't doubt that they're going to sell a good deal, to business people and others who don't mind the cost, but in order for the iPhone to become widespread, I think the cost is going to have to come down a bit.
College students, for example, are probably a good target for the iPhone's market, but when the price of an iPhone is more than the cost of one semester of books, not many college students are going to go out and get one.

I think that for iPhone sales to really be significant, Apple is going to have to advertise, which they never fail to do, and lower the price. Don't be surprised if in 3 years, the iPhone is the smartphone of choice among the academia and businessmen.

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